New website is coming! Be prepared for weirdness and outages all week long.

Oy. Just…Oy.

Okay, it is the middle of the night, and I am back from 4Pi-Con, where I had a blast, saw many friends, geeked out with some Erfworld fans, and had a good time. I even tasted key lime pie in the con suite.

But...I came back to find a titanic mess.

First mess. I had pre-loaded Summer Update 25, anticipating a second installment of art from Alisa Christopher. Signals were crossed, I suppose, because I will not get that until Monday. But the update went up on the automatic scheduler, and I didn't know it. So there it is, without art. It was also tagged as Site News, so it pushed the older news about guest art off the page. Apparently there was also a mess in the forums with reaction threads.

Second mess. I have gotten about two dozen illustrators offering to make fan art for coming updates. I haven't responded to any of you. I will, this week. This con involved about 15 hours in the car, filking all night, paneling and performing and selling all day. My net access was spotty, and I have a lot going on. Bear with me, I will get back to everyone. Thanks for volunteering!

Third mess. For some reason, a strip I wrote more than 4 years ago at my other comic, PartiallyClips, was linked off the main page at, then the main page at WTF? My little clip art comic got about a quarter million unique visitors over the weekend, and I didn't know about it til just now. I need to check my hosting because my plan for that site can't handle traffic like this site gets.

*sigh* How was your weekend?

4 Responses to “Oy. Just…Oy.”

  1. malkith says:

    brave man eating from a con-suite

  2. Zolon says:

    Mine was alright, I suppose. I was wondering why update 25 came out so soon after 24.

  3. moose o death says:

    and i just figured you weren't interested in using me. the pm system is a bit loose as well not really giving any confirmation you've sent a pm so you may have two from me, sorry if you do. now the new image is up i do like it more than her first one. the characters look more solid this time.

  4. TheCat says:

    Friends don't let friends filk.

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