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Summer Updates – 022

Turns since TBfGK: 2

CharlsNChrg: And none of them really have a clue what you did.
LordHamster: Do you?
CharlsNChrg: Well, I imagine it must have been a three-caster link.
CharlsNChrg: Croakamancer applied motion/matter principles through the Dirtamancer, but to animate terrain instead of bodies.
CharlsNChrg: Correct?
LordHamster: Something like that.
LordHamster: So are you clueing them in?
CharlsNChrg: Not so far, I haven't.
LordHamster: Why not?
CharlsNChrg: There's an interesting principle at work, here.
CharlsNChrg: If I tell them what happened, freely, then they won't believe it.
CharlsNChrg: But if I charge them what the information is worth, then they'll buy it.
LordHamster: In both senses.
CharlsNChrg: Indeed. :)
LordHamster: Okay, so you're selling them the intelligence.
CharlsNChrg: Actually, I kind of like being the only one who does know what happened there.
CharlsNChrg: So what I am doing is offering the information at about twice what anyone is willing to pay for it.
LordHamster: Gotta make back your losses somehow.
LordHamster: But you're telling me this for free.
CharlsNChrg: Yes.
LordHamster: Why?
CharlsNChrg: Maybe I don't want you to believe it. :)


Guest art by C. Thayer Donnelly

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