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Guest Art Bonus for Toolbox

As you can see, Rykka's wonderful guest art for update 28 is rendered in the sepia-tone style of the other updates.

But in the Toolbox, there is now a full-color, full-size version, big enough to be a desktop. Also new in the Toolbox today is the second installment of the original scripts for "Kenny Bogansky, Interdimensional Warrior," the story that eventually morphed into Erfworld. I'll be putting up some actual scripts from Book 1 there eventually, too.

BTW, these artists are doing this work free of compensation, just because they like Erfworld. But Mark Twain said he could live for three weeks on a compliment, so if you enjoy their stuff, please tell them so with a PM in the forums! Alisa Christopher = Alisa, Pat Jacobs = GenuityX, and Rykka = Rykka. Onezumi Hartstein can be emailed through her comic.

More great guest art is on the way. Wait til you see Zhopa, seriously. :D

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