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The Big News! New Artist! Book 2 Start Date!

Greetings from Capclave! The party is winding down and we had thirtyish people or so show for the big news. I wanted to post this at the start of the party, but it got out of hand fast and now it is 2:30 am and I am fairly trashed. Incriminating pictures can likely be found now or soon!

This news is the historic announcement(s)!

Announcement 1: First and foremost, this party is a fond goodbye to Jamie Noguchi. After finishing up all of the illustrations for Erfworld 1: the Battle for Gobwin Knob, Jamie is taking his leave of the project. His creative interests have taken him in other directions, such as Monster Cutie, restarting Angry Zen Master, and appearing with Super Art Fight. Jamie was here at the party all of tonight, doing sketches and taking questions. His incredible talents and ridiculously hard work for the last three years created Erfworld for everyone. All of these characters and settings, the action and the dramatic moments, the moods and the humor, that was from Jamie's mind and his pen. So please join me in letting him know how much that indescribably awesome work has meant to us. Jump on Twitter and comment @erfworld, or @angryzenmaster, or send Jamie a PM on the forums to send your thanks and regards. Thank you, Jamie!

Announcement 2: This party is also to welcome Erfworld's new illustrator, Xin Ye (pronounced 'shen'). You know her work already! She is elddonnemar on the Erfworld forums, and did the amazing guest art for the Zhopa update. Also, the new wallpaper of the month in the Toolbox will be the first panel of Page 1, Book 2, showing the new city of Gobwin Knob. We tried to upload this tonight but technical problems prevented it. Xin was here tonight also, doing sketches and accepting complements on her amazing art. People who made it to the party got sketches from both illustrators on the same page tonight, an opportunity which might never happen again! (But we'll see, and we'll try.)

For non-Tools, here's what that panel's art looks like:


Announcement 3: "Erfworld 2: Love is a Battlefield" will launch Wednesday, October 28 and will follow a regular Wednesday/Saturday schedule after that. We will do 25 pages an "issue," and a period of text updates like the Summer Updates between issues. We will do everything we need to do to keep to that schedule.

Announcement 4: Erfworld Book 1 will be published by Giant in the Playground. The release date will be early February. We will have pre-orders available for the holiday gift giving season, so watch for that. People who came to the party and kicked in toward the expenses (everyone was tremendously generous, thank you) got a brand new Erfworld travel mug, too. And this item will be in the store very shortly.

I will add links to this message later, but right now I have a room full of drunk happy Erfworld fans I need to get back to. I am drunk and happy too, and I am really glad we had this party. When pics are posted I will try to point you to them. We love our fans!!! Good night.

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