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Site and Archives Redesign Coming – Tool Box Rush – Guilded Age

Hey I just want to thank everyone who has signed up for the Toolbox lately. We've had close to a hundred new Tools since launch, and are at over 750 total! Besides holiday gift pre-orders for Book 1, we will soon have new items for you to spend your store credits on.

As far as Erfworld making any money for me to live on, the Toolbox/store is really it. Ads are just covering administrative and hosting costs (the new server is a beast but expensive, and we may need to upgrade further for peak load). I wanted to base the revenue model on books and merch, because I'd rather have you get something tangible for showing your support. So thank you again, all you Tools. Your backing means everything, both to me personally and for the future of Erfworld.

In other news, Harknell and Xin are still working on a site redesign that will accommodate the new larger images in the archives. I know the current system has big problems. Bear with us, it will all be done by month's end and probably much sooner than that.

Meanwhile, have a new webcomic to read. Guilded Age is co-written by my good friend Phil Kahn, who is the unofficial mascot and namesake of PhilCon, my next convention (coming up in less than 2 weeks). Phil will be there.

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