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Pure Fun

MarsCon was epic as always. Thanks to all who came to the Erfworld room party and drank juice from the BOOZOOKA and everything else. I'd need 10,000+ words to do this con justice, but I'd rather dig out and get back up to speed with the comic now. I think you want that, too. Delays will continue for about the next week til I have caught up, sorry.

And for pure fun, I am giving a little signal boost to this. My friend since 6th grade Geordie Keitt (who produced my first two comedy music CDs) has a daughter in kindergarten with a school project:

Lucy needs your help! Her class is doing a map and globe unit. Her teacher is asking all of the kids' friends and family to send a postcard from where they live and write a note the card telling us why your state, city, or town is the best. Can you help? The address is: Lucy Keitt c/o Mrs. Hecker's Kindergarten, 15300 Bowman's Folly Drive, Manassas, VA 20112, United States of America. Thanks for the help.

Help her out, if you're so inclined. We have Erfworld readers in the Faroe Islands, fer flippin' out loud.

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