New website is coming! Be prepared for weirdness and outages all week long.

Update Delays

Hate to say it, but con prep for MarsCon (and the Erfworld party) has been putting me way behind. Expect gaps between updates to continue to be longer than normal for the next two weeks, then return to normal. "As fast as we can" is still the update schedule.

Thanks to all bidders on Talanic's book. The auction closed at nearly $300, which is the kind of encouragement I really could have used when I was starting out. (Maybe I wouldn't have stopped writing for all those years, you know?) So thanks.

Current Rob's Plug is the brand new sketch comedy CD "Cirque du So What," which consists of 4 of my good friends and comedy music peers. I have heard the whole project and it is damned funny. All four of these guys will be performing with me at MarsCon this weekend. You can still get weekend passes at the door, so come out if you can. I go on the main stage at 9 pm Friday. The Erfworld party is in room 1314 Saturday night from 9 pm to the wee hours.

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