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Book 2 – Text Updates 034

What ho, the kingdom and the King?
They're the same flippin' thing.

No Mathamancer needs give half an answer. Any Moneymancer
With a pad can subtract and add, and he knows!
He knows: when the King goes mad, then the side goes bad.

And you lose what you had. What ho!

He knows.

For matters majestic,
the King elects
To neglect the domestic.

The purse strings are loosed, the spending profuse,
The treasury reduced...
It is fiscal abuse! He knows!

He knows. And can only deduce that the King is seduced
By a Queen he produced.

What ho? That ho. He knows.

And what, then, is the use?
He's only got so much juice!

His warlords prattle, while Jetstone's scramble.
The dice rattle, and the King gambles,
Gambles them all on one battle.

But when circumstances are chancy,
Perchance he enchants,
He incants, he
Cancels the antsy
With a rant
In Rhyme-o-mancy.

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