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Two Big Deals

I'm posting this in the wee hours of Cyber Monday. Around midnight, we sent out some emails and posted a couple of banners up above the comic, and already we've gotten nearly a hundred orders in. And six new yearly Tools. That's very encouraging! Please keep those orders coming in all week, because we really need the pre-orders to bring in enough money to start the printing.

What are the deals? Here are the deals...

Book Pre-Orders

If you've followed the site news, you know how much I wanted to get the books printed in time to be sitting under Christmas trees. I tried my best, but I was under some rotten circumstances and I just couldn't make it happen.

So here's what we're doing instead:

If you want to give the Erfworld book to someone for the holidays, you still can. Just place a pre-order by December 15, and we will send you an envelope and specially-printed holiday card to let them know their book will be coming out to them just as soon as it actually exists. You will also get the book at a special $5 discount. After December 15, even pre-orders will be sold at the cover price of $25.

And we guarantee we will ship your pre-ordered book no later than February 28, 2011 (or issue you a full refund).

New Toolbox Membership Drive

But before you click to buy, consider this other deal too. If you are not a member of the Toobox, right now would be a great time to join it. Until that same December 15 date, if you join as a yearly recurring subscriber ($33), you will get $50 in store credit instead of the regular $36. As usual, the Tool points apply only to merchandise and not postage. Also, setting up new Tools is manual and not instant. We'll need several days to set everyone up. But we will make absolutely sure you can still get the pre-order price on Book 1 with your Tool points.

Becoming a Tool is the best way you can support Erfworld. Please take advantage of this now, because I don't know if I'll ever do something like it again.

Goodies in the Book

So what's in the book? Erfworld Book 1: The Battle for Gobwin Knob has a lot of neat features. For one thing, it has been entirely relettered for print, with much smaller speech balloons.

This means much less of Jamie's wonderful art is blocked out. And it's a big book at a full 8 1/2" by 11" color glossy pages. Along the way, we had talked to publishers who wanted to produce this book as a trade paperback. But that wouldn't have given you a chance to see the details and textures that Jamie put into the work.

This book will be the best possible way someone could read the story. So if you have friends you've been trying to convince to read Erfworld, give them their own copy to enjoy. There's even a glossary of Erfworld terms in the back for them to reference.

For you, the long-time reader, there are also five new pages which will never appear in the archives. These are mostly action scenes, all drawn by Jamie. But one of the new pages may make you see what's happening in Book 2: Love is a Battlefield in a whole new light.

And the first 21 illustrated Summer Updates are also collected in the back as epilogues (Stanley Comes Home and Jillian Meets Don King). All in all, there are 184 pages, in a softcover book, with a beautiful Jamie Noguchi cover.

So, it's finally coming! And with one chance to get it at $20, you should probably snap it up now.

I think.


Do eet!

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