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Update on Books

I've had to give up on the hope that I could print and deliver Book 1 by Christmas. There were a whole lot of factors standing in the way. I had to decide to create a publishing imprint "ERF Books" that will be the label on these, and the publishers we talked to who could deliver these quickly have just not been in our price range.

So we're going to do two things about it.

1) We will offer pre-orders with a substantial discount on the cover price. This will come with a special Erfworld holiday greeting card that you can give to someone, which tells them they'll be receiving the book as soon as it's off the press.

2) We will guarantee delivery of all books by the end of February, to avoid a repeat of the long wait for the pre-orders on Issue 1 of Book 2. We will offer a money back guarantee if you don't get your copies of Erfworld Book 1 by March 1, 2011.

Watch this space. Full details are coming, and orders will open before "Cyber Monday."

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