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Last Day for Holiday Deals, but Pre-Order Price Extended

December 15 will be the last day you can get a holiday gift card ahead of your Book 1 pre-order, and/or $50 in store credit for a new yearly recurring membership in the Toolbox. But we will keep offering the $20 price on pre-orders until we get printed books in hand.

The pre-orders have gone very well. We have all the capital we need to print Book 1 at the quantity we wanted, so nothing can hold it back now. (WHAT'S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN?) Current plan has us sending out books by the first week in February. We've also pulled in more than 200 new Tools, bringing the total membership up to around 1250, which is great. Your support means everything to us, and Erfworld's looking at a really bright new year.

Thank you all, again, and always, and never-too-many-times. Thank you!

However, be aware: too much of a good thing has created an order backlog. We're working very hard here to set up the new Tools, with a priority on making sure your store credit is active. Anyone who joins by midnight Eastern time on the 15th will definitely get the 50 Tool points, it just may take a fairly long while before you're completely set up with forums and site login and everything. Please follow the sign-up instructions carefully to help speed up the process by creating your forum ID and the rest of that stuff.

Meanwhile, have a song I made with -=ShoEboX=- this weekend. I've put my music almost completely on hold for comics, so this is my only recorded song of any kind this year. Merry Christmas, and merry anything else that would be better if merrified!

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