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Free the Decrypted Red Dwagons!

Running Erfworld as a business takes almost twice as much of my time as writing/lettering/posting the comic (which takes a lot of time). And sometimes it's ulcer-inducingly hard to do.

For example. I've had many thousands of dollars tied up since spring in a new run of dwagon plushies, including new decrypted red plushies. It's probably worth it, because they look completely adorable:

But they took all summer because apparently they forgot the pattern from the older versions, and lost the materials, and other things went wrong. So we had weeks and weeks of going back and forth on designs and materials, to get them right again. But we did, and now they're made and ready to ship.

Only it's more thousands and thousands of dollars to ransom them and get them put on a boat to me. I have most of that, but not all of it. So until I can cut them a check, there they will sit on the other side of the world. People who ordered plushies before we sold out are also still waiting for these new ones to arrive. They're trapped without move, which is canonically accurate but annoying.

Meanwhile, this is the last page of Erfworld Book 2, Issue 1 - It's Raining Men. And we have to print a run of that as well. So we need some pre-order sales like right now to get these things made for Christmas. Please help keep the Good Ship Erfworld afloat, and take advantage of the following ridiculous deal.

Retail on both items will still be $12. But if you pre-order the book or the plushie now, and you can get them for $10. Order them both together, and you can get them for $18.

Please do order the book. Remember that Xin is paid in royalties on book sales, and we're putting extras into this book that won't appear anywhere else. Namely, we're doing character profiles of the Great Minds that Think Alike (Thinkamancers in the Magic Kingdom). This 80-page full color 8 1/2 by 11" book is worth your $10, I promise.

As with all pre-orders, we will hold everything you order to ship in one shipment. We absolutely expect both items to be shipping in time to arrive for Christmas, but given how things have gone in the past, I can't guarantee it.

As soon as these items are paid for, we'll go to full retail price, so this offer will not last long. Thanks for your ongoing support.

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