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Media Attention!

So, this seems to be the time for various media to notice Erfworld. That's pretty cool. (Ye caretakers of the Erfworld and Rob Balder articles on Wikipedia out there, take note: Citations Found.)

First, there's an older one that I had been meaning to link for some time. Stephen Conway from The Spiel, a really top notch podcast about tabletop gaming, interviewed me at the Erfworld booth at Origins Game Fair. That is in episode 132, at the 137 minute mark, if you care to skip ahead to it.

Next, there is this very funny video review by Erfworld forumite Danetrix, which is well worth your 24 minutes, plus whatever time you spend pausing and rewinding to catch his text quips.

And this is very nice. Erfworld Book 1 is featured this month at the Comic Book of the Month Podcast. These two guys Dylan and Swan clearly got into the story with a passion, and it was a lot of fun for me to listen to the way they go from one "oh and also in Erfworld...!" to the next. I grinned all the way through it. Thanks, guys.

And finally,'s Geek Out blog has a lengthy interview with me that I did by phone right after Wizard World Chicago in August. This will be linked all weekend from the Living section, so if you're discovering Erfworld from there, welcome!

(Oh and please forgive me if I tell some of the same anecdotes in both interviews. It helps to have a standard spiel when somebody puts a mic in my face, because otherwise you're like, "Nurrrrrhh um, COMIC!")

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