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What has been happening, and what we’re going to do about it

First off, the Decrypted Red Dwagons have been freed! Thanks so much to everyone who took advantage of the ridiculous pre-order deal. We had enough cash to get the plushies shipped, and we will have plenty of cash to print Issue 2 as soon as the cover and bonus content is ready for press. I'll continue to offer that pre-order deal until the plushies arrive next month sometime.

Second item: this, um, elephant that seems to be in the, uh, room.

Anyone who has been following Erfworld for the last few months can probably see that something is wrong. I have been trying to avoid talking about it, because it's a very difficult and deeply personal matter.

What's happening is that Xin's mother is gravely ill. Since this summer, we have been hoping that various tests, treatments and surgeries would improve her outlook and she could begin recovery. But that's an emotional roller coaster which is still at full speed. All during this crisis, Xin has taken on round-the-clock care for her mom and new duties for the rest of her family and their business, all while trying her best to continue to illustrate the comic.

In short, she's pretty much going through Hell.

Well, we're at a stopping point at the end of Issue 2, and it's not fair to ask her to continue like this. So I'm saying a word worse than "boop" here, which is "hiatus." Book 2, Issue 3 will not begin until Xin is ready.

That's the bad news. The consolation prize here is that Book 0 will begin on Halloween.

I've always intended to write an illustrated prequel novel for Erfworld, dealing mostly with the fall of King Banhammer's Faq. So why not now? NaNoWriMo is coming, right? Let's pound that sucker out.

So I will be posting updates of the new novel, "Inner Peace Through Superior Firepower," three times a week on a M-W-F schedule, starting Monday October 31. It will be a rough draft, meaning that what goes up on the site may be subject to revision, editing, and retconjuration even as the story unfolds. (If I make any major changes, I will note them so you can go back and re-read them.) It will be like getting 60 or so text updates in a row. I'm looking forward to fleshing out some character origin stories, and there will be a lot of meaty background on Wanda, Jillian, Jack, Marie, Stanley, and others.

Xin will continue to illustrate as she can. She'll at least be doing pencil sketches for the novel updates, when she has the time. But this leads to the other thing we're trying.

We are adding an inker and a colorist to the illustration process.

I will continue to write the script for Book 2, Issue 3 even as Inner Peace is posting. And Xin will continue to draw it as she has time. But she'll be doing pencils, then handing the page to our new inker, Mike Valle. Once she touches up Mike's inks, the page will go to morikahn from the Erfworld IRC channel for colors. This will be a permanent change to the production process.

Once the novel has finished running, we will have a buffer and a new process worked out, so that in the future, Erfworld can run on a much smoother update schedule.

So that's the plan. I have quit my comedy music career, and I am about to put my head down and write harder than I ever have, in order to get Erfworld through this period. Thanks as always for your support of Erfworld.

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