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Think! There must be someone on your holiday shopping list who should be reading Erfworld. This is your chance. From now until Monday, you can get a copy of Book 1: The Battle for Gobwin Knob for only $20 and FREE shipping (US and Canada only). We guarantee to ship these books in the first week of December, by first class mail.

Also, all colors of dwagon plushies are now back in stock! Buy a set of 6 regular colors for $60. (Decrypted red dwagon plushies are in, but are excluded from this deal.)

About Pre-Orders

Because of the situation with Xin's family, Issue 2 of Book 2 has not yet gone to press, and will not be arriving here until early next year sometime. However, for those US and Canadian readers who ordered the double deal or just the decrypted plush, we will be shipping out the plushies in time for Christmas. We will then send out It's Raining Men separately, when it arrives, and absorb that shipping cost. We can't afford to do this for orders outside of North America, however. Very sorry about that. Your orders will be shipped together in the new year. That wasn't the original plan, but I hope everyone can understand that we're playing things by ear until we can get back to normal with illustration (cover and layout work we are still finishing up).

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