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Update (from Xin)

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all of your well wishes. It's been a great help to have
them during the last few months, which were excruciating.

My mother began feeling unwell in June. Originally we thought it had
to do with recurring ulcers. Just before I left for GenCon, we
determined that the problem was actually in her liver, and immediately
after my return I took her for the necessary exams.

The first scans showed a large tumor in her liver and a small one in
her pancreas. High resolution CT scans showed that her lymph nodes
were clear. After many deliberations and meetings with doctors, she
decided to remove the tumors then undergo chemo.

Biopsies during the surgery showed one of her lymph nodes had
cancerous cells. All hope of a complete cure was gone, but we still
hoped that after she regained enough strength chemo could prolong her
life. She never recovered fully. Complications from the surgery kept
her weak and soon MRI showed multiple tumors in almost all of her
major organs.

She died on October 24th, in her home, surrounded by her loved ones.
Her funeral was completed last Saturday, a day my father picked for
luck reasons according to the lunar calendar. It was a beautifully
conducted Buddhist ceremony, one I think my mother would have
appreciated. Almost twice as many people as we had expected showed to
say their goodbyes. It showed how many lives she touched that I didn't
even know about over the years.

The past few months I spent all the time that I could by her side and
after her death I spent all of my time helping my father take care of
the necessities. I'm sorry that I've been so silent about what was
going on. I kept hoping that she would recover and before I knew it I
was too busy or too emotionally exhausted to communicate.

Thank you all for the patience and love you've shown towards Erfworld
during this period. As soon as I finish dealing with a few more things
my father needs from me, I will once again devote my time full time to


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