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Final Hours of Kickstarter, Final Goal: a Board Game Testbed

I'll have a lot of thank yous to give at the end of the Year of the Dwagon Kickstarter project. But for now, let me say two important things.

Final Goal: Board Game Testbed for the New Site

This is an idea that grew out of the discussion in the open spec document for the website (thank you to all who contributed to that!) What we want to add is a site feature, likely written in HTML5, which will let you create and test board games in your browser. You will be able to upload your own graphics for cards, boards, and pieces. It will have dice and timers you can add, but mainly it's just a shared space for emulating how your game would work in physical space. You can create shared, evolving documents for the rules and notes. You will have a text chat window and a voice chat setup. (If you don't make board games, you can hang around and help test games for the people who do!)

We have no idea what this will cost, so we're saying $4000. If we get there (to $75,000 total), we will also release a group reward that's a desktop image and additional postcard signed by Xin of this amazing image:

Reminder: Kickstarter is the ONLY way to get a Decrypted Pink Dwagon Plushie EVER, and ALMOST the only way to get an Armored Red

Even if you have purely evil and selfish motives, you might want to consider the collector value of these two items. We are only ever going to make enough Decrypted Pinks for the Kickstarter donors (plus maybe five for our own collection). You can get one of them by adding $25 to any pledge level.

And we only ever made 600 of the armored red plushies. What's left over will be used for special promotions (I plan to give one away every month for the best submissions of stuff to the new site, for instance). So pledging now is almost the only way you're ever going to get one of those, either.

So go fund the Year of the Dwagon Kickstarter project before midnight EDT today!

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