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Hamstard Maker Released – New Goal: Soundtrack Album

The make-your-own-Hamstard comic engine is live, but until the Kickstarter wraps up I am only telling project backers how to get to it. But there's a thread in the Erfworld forums where comics can be posted. I made one, with a typical lack of effort that is the hallmark of a good Hamstard the Bastard Hamster:

I Dream of Cheesy

Open Source Soundtrack Album

We're in the last week of the Year of the Dwagon Kickstarter drive, and it's already set to go down as the third most funded project in the Comics category in Kickstarter history. Whoa.

But I would really like to keep it going and fund this next project. There are a lot of very good bands out there scraping by. Exposure is hard to come by, and paying gigs even harder. If we can raise $8000 for this project, I want to invite any and all recording artists to submit songs that are about (or were inspired by) Erfworld. We'll pick the best 12 songs and pay $500 each for a license to use the song in the future, with the artist retaining their copyright. The rest of the money will go toward pressing CDs. This will be the soundtrack album for the motion comic.

If we can fund this, I will add full downloads of the finished album and the finished motion comic to the $25+ "Stupid Meal" donor package as a group reward.

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