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Kickstarter Hits Every Goal


There was literally nothing left to fund which would be achievable this year. This is enough to meet Erfworld's every development need for now. Down the line, we will want to fund an Erfworld browser game with the Warbarons guys, but we're not ready for that right now and neither are they.

No, we got the capital we needed for every project we can handle. The support that Erfworld fans continue to show this comic is unbelievable.

I promise to do my best to be worthy of it. I promise to use this money to make Erfworld better, to make things happen that you will enjoy and appreciate. I promise to give this money right back, wherever possible, by hiring creative talent from the Erfworld community. I promise that the readers' support is something I will never take for granted, and never seek to exploit.

We asked you for a lot this month, and you gave more than any webcomics creators could reasonably expect. I can tell you that I appreciate it, but I would rather show you. Just give us the rest of the year, and we will.

Thank you for giving us the Year of the Dwagon.

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