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Kicking it Forward, New Book 0 Art by Xin, Voice Auditions Closed

Kicking it Forward

Just above this news you might notice that there's a change to the center-page ad slot. In response to their raising almost $3M through Kickstarter, Brian Fargo of inXile entertainment began a project adjacent to Kickstarter called "Kicking it Forward", to encourage those who have had successful projects to pledge 5% of the eventual profits of whatever they funded to other Kickstarter projects.

That kind of a pledge doesn't really work for the Erfworld Year of the Dwagon project, since we funded such a wide variety of things, including the website redesign which will become the permanent backbone of Erfworld. But I agree with the "Kicking it Forward" sentiment and I want to do what I can to help other creators realize their dreams. So instead of my 5%, I am going to sacrifice this ad slot (worth about $2500 a year in revenue) to promote other projects I think are interesting and worthy. And however we design the new site, it will have a prominent Kicking it Forward space.

Please check out these projects as you see them posted. The first is Titans of Industry, by my good friends at Gozer Games.

New Book 0 Art by Xin

I'm still running ragged on non-writing tasks, and preparing for our June 6 return, on a regular update schedule. But in the meantime, Xin is filling in all the illustrations for Inner Peace so far. Here's the one for Page 4.

Voice Auditions Closed

Our audio coordinator Crystal Smalling reports that the total number of audition readings for the Erfworld motion comic topped 1000! I'm pretty confident we'll find the talent we need from that pool. :) Thanks to everyone who sent in recordings.

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in the spirit of Brian Fargo's Kicking it Forward, this ad space is now dedicated to worthy Kickstarters by other creators

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