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First Kickstarter Cameo, Toolbox Additions, Nice Fan Art and Review

First Kickstarter Cameo

The Carnymancer in the brown suit and tie in Book 2 page 082 is Erfworld Kickstarter supporter Sean Mattox, whose generous pledge earned him the cameo as a caster in the Magic Kingdom. So I wanted to point that out, and send my thanks to Sean and to all others who pledged. A few of you have received your pledge rewards, but for the vast majority, we are still getting things like the Hamstard beanies and hardcover books made. Watch for news pretty soon.

Toolbox Additions

Page 082 gave us some trouble. Xin had designed a Carnymancer that Sean's cameo replaced. We wanted to re-use that character design as the "caster who wants to know about the warlord" in this page. I told her to take that character and move him in the direction of Captain Mal from Firefly. Problem was, the resulting character was almost completely Captain Mal, and that meant he had the same build, hair color, and garment color as Headmaster Isaac. In lettering, you couldn't tell who was speaking. I went looking for a more distinctive trench-coated figure we could do an homage to, and ended up with Dick Tracy. Anyway, the discarded Captain Mal art is now available for viewing in the Toolbox.

Nice Fan Art and Review

Finally, I was pleased and grateful for this fan art and review by Bear Lawyer, LLC., and figured I would pass it on. Thank you, squire! Xin sends you her compliments, especially on the smoke.

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