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Pre-order deals coming, for things that make babies happy

Coming soon, we're going to have a massive set of pre-order deals on the upcoming merch from the Kickstarter. Oversized hardcover Book 1, Hamstard beanies, Crap Golem t-shirts, stickers and more, with brand new Purple decrypted dwagon plushies. Watch this space.

In the meantime, Erfworld fans from Canada sent us this adorable pic of their daughter with her decrypted red dwagon plush. (Use with supervision, not actually recommended for children under 3 blablabla legal legal, this is D'AAAWWWW).

EDIT: And in response, another Erfworld parent posted this one. The fairy princess with her green dwagon and littlest Wanda wannabe with her decrypted red. :D

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