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GenCon in the can, WorldCon and Intervention next

GenCon was great as always. Xin did a bunch of custom sketches, and we got to meet and greet lots of amazing fans and backers. One of my favorite moments was meeting a British fan who asked Xin to draw a spidew, but he pronounced it to rhyme with "skiddoo." On the spot, I made this the canon pronunciation of the unit's name. Also, there is now a special bonus if you can stack 23 of them.

From the road, we had problems with the too-large animated gif slowing down the site. Here's a more manageable version:

I'll be attending ChiCon/WorldCon in Chicago 2 weeks from now, then the party bus event at Intervention in Rockville, MD. If you haven't booked there, it's the one we will always tell you to do. Harknell (Erfworld's webmaster) runs it with his wife Onezumi, and it just gets better every single time. I hear they've almost doubled pre-registration since last year. More details on the Erfworld party bus soon. Come if you can!

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