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Battle Cameo, and Book Disaster of 2012

Battle Cameo

The gentleman in Panels 9, 10, and 12 of Page 098 is Kickstarter supporter Chris Miller, aka Firewheels. Chris donated the Mac Mini I am using on my end for the motion comic project, and it's a great machine. Thank you, Chris!

Here We Go Again

The hardcover books were due to arrive last week from our publisher in China. We received the following email this afternoon:

As I mentioned, the shipment with your books was inspected by the US
customs and caused some delay. Due to the inspection, some of the
boxes were opened by the US customs officers and re-taped with the US
customs green tape. Also due to the inspection, the customs mixed your
books with another customer’s. In the end, 3 of the 4 pallets are
going to be delivered by Roadrunner transportations. It will arrive
around next Tuesday. I will forward the tracking number when I receive
it. The remaining pallet is being delivered by UPS. It’s currently in
the Utah area. This pallet should arrive around this Friday. I’ll
forward the tracking number when I have it. Please do let me know when
you receive the two shipments.

I would really like to know how other small businesses operate without recurring disasters outside their control. This was supposed to be the year we didn't screw up Christmas orders. We submitted these books to the publisher months ago, and were told that we would have the books in our hands by the end of November. There was certainly a week's delay while we tried to raise the outstanding balance, but that check was cashed a week ago, and the books were already in the country at that time.

We are shipping portions of your orders now, so if you are in North America and ordered a plushie and a book, the plushie has probably just gone out. For the hardcovers, we will have envelopes and mailing labels ready to go. If possible, we will send them out the day that we take delivery. If your book does not arrive in time for Christmas, I can only apologize. We thought we had it in hand this year. I don't know what I have to do.

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