New website is coming! Be prepared for weirdness and outages all week long.

Call for website development help, and Xin’s still sick

Web Dev Volunteer Help Needed

Here's a word from Zebranky, our team leader on the new website development.

Hello, readers! We're plugging away at the new Erfworld site, and it's looking really cool, but we still have a lot of work to do -- at least with the size of the team we have right now. We're looking for web developers, especially with PHP experience, who can commit to at least a few weeks of daily work and communication on the project, starting immediately. If this sounds like you, email me at, including links to examples of your work if possible. You can also find me as Zebranky on the Erfworld IRC channel.

Xin's Flu

Xin is still quite sick. So far, she's been through a two week bout of wretched flu, high fever, chills, dizziness, the works. She finally saw a doctor today and will be on antibiotics for a couple of weeks. I'll be writing another update of Inner Peace to go up tomorrow (Sunday the 16th), and with any luck she will feel well enough to illustrate it. Next comic page will come when she can manage it. I've passed along many well-wishes from the Facebook group and she sends her thanks.

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