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I’ll just launch this sneak preview link…aaaaand we’re funded

So, we have a new Kickstarter project. It's called E is for Erfworld (the Erfabet Book) and it features the debut of David Hahn, the artist who will be taking over for Xin at the end of Book 2. This is an alphabet book of Erfworld characters and things, and I will put up a new page of it every day here, for the 36 days the project will run.

But...holy booping boop. I made the project go live about 20 hours early, and only told the backers of our first Kickstarter about it as a way of giving them first crack at the limited rewards. Well, it's now time for "launch" and the first book page, and not only are we fully funded, the first stretch goal (to make video treatments of the Book 2 epilogue pages, to load at the time we update) has also been met! Thanks so much everyone!

Second stretch goal is another $2500 (to $14,500) to fly David Hahn out to GenCon Indy this summer, so that he can meet some of the amazing fans he'll be drawing this comic for. I want to have an Erfworld reader meet-and-greet at Jillian's in downtown Indianapolis, and something special for our Kickstarter donors there. David can do sketches at our booth and get an even better idea how much love is out there for our little comic universe (he was bowled over by the response to this project today).

The first page is loaded now, in smaller form. We'll be doing the letters out of order, and I figured I would start with the one we used for the project graphic. The larger format pages will load as backer-only updates, but I am on the road (visiting family, to do a Mothers Day celebration that I put off to launch). I'll load those on Friday when I return.

As of this moment, there are still some of the limited quantity donor rewards available, but they're going very fast. If you missed out on original art, we'll be offering art from Book 3 in the next one. We will do a preview for previous backers first on that one too, so pledging this project will get you a heads-up.

Once again, Erfworld readers have shown how very lucky to have you backing me up. Thank you all!

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