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Nuclear Bubble Wrap Kickstarter

Let me tell you about these guys in Nuclear Bubble Wrap. First of all, they're my friends and they are awesome. You might know that I quit doing music to focus on Erfworld, but I know them back to the early days of The FuMP.

Second of all, they are doing exactly the kind of project Kickstarter is for. They're an unsigned, indie band that needs money to move forward and make their next album. I talk to Jace and Brendan a lot about their musical development, and they are serious about growing and developing their sound over the long term. I am really rooting for them. They seriously can't make this album without the project money, so please help them.

Also, you should know that Brendan is doing a hell of a lot to help Erfworld, coordinating the web development team. We've made a lot of progress thanks to him, and even if we won't be able to roll out the site for another couple of months yet, he's behind the scenes making it happen. Helping NBW fund their project would be a nice way to thank him.

Finally, there was this time on a party bus where NBW was performing as we rolled up I-35, and the bus driver slammed on the brakes. I lost control of a 5-gallon cooler of mixed drinks, which landed in the aisle and sent a foot-high alcoholic tsunami rushing down the aisle at them. To a man, they leaped backwards and sat on the bar, without missing a note. Anyone who can be that cool under those circumstances deserves your pledge.

The song they were playing at the time of my Worst Party Foul Ever was this one:

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