New website is coming! Be prepared for weirdness and outages all week long.

Epilogues (and GenCon) Start Wednesday on a M-W-F Schedule

We're about 24 hours away from key-turn to Indianapolis now. Really looking forward to seeing a lot of fans and backers there, especially Friday night at 8 pm in the Theory Room at the Hyatt! Remember, if you have not gotten on the list, or you were not a backer of the Erfabet Kickstarter, you can still attend the Erfabet book release party and Chicken Limo rides by stopping by our booth (1913 in the Exhibitors Hall) and buying an Erfworld travel mug for $10.

Equally exciting is that we'll start the epilogues on Wednesday! Illustrated by David Hahn and voiced by Arthur Chu, these 25 updates will be in an experimental format. They're single pages of about 300 words (text updates are typically 1200-2000 words), with 2 full-color illustrations, and an accompanying video reading of the text, with captioning of the full text and a closer look at the art. These will go up on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, with Inner Peace updating sometime on the weekends.

So much left to do, but I'm incredibly psyched for this week. David and I will see you in Indy, and thanks again to all our Kickstarter backers for making this possible!!

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