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Epilogue 08 Retconjured – Anatomy of a 1st Draft Boop-Up

As many readers have pointed out, the end of Epilogue 08 conflicted with canon, in that Wanda had already told Parson about Ossomer's turning. This was a mistake, probably the worst I have made in writing Erfworld in about the last 5 years. I apologize for that. There is something about writing 3 books in this series at the same time which gets a little confusing. I never really get much of a chance to catch mistakes, since my first draft is essentially my final draft when I publish to the site.

Here's how it happened, for the curious.

My notes for what Epilogue 08 were not clear enough, and too much time elapsed between the writing of those notes and the writing of the Epilogue itself. The notes had said something along the lines of "Wanda's Decrypted reveal," and what I meant was that Parson should find out something major about the captured Archon (now revealed in this retconjured update). Somehow when I sat down to write it, I had a brain fart to earlier in the story, and thought the main dramatic reveal was Parson realizing the implications of having high-level Decrypted prisoners in enemy hands.

Anyway, the update page has been rewritten and changed for Epilogue 08. Very sorry for the confusion. I hate Retconjuration intensely, and try very hard never to do it.

The old video has been unlisted but not removed from YouTube. The new video is here:

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