New website is coming! Be prepared for weirdness and outages all week long.

Update Disruption Avoided

OLD POST: Due to bad family news, I will need to travel for up to a week. I am going to try not to let this affect the update schedule, but I may not have the time and technical resources to update from the road.

EDIT: We will be able to update on time! thanks to the volunteer efforts of Erfworld fan Mary Conley, who stepped up to create video versions while I traveled. Mary is a graphic designer from Indiana who has been reading Erfworld since we we started on GitP. She happens to be doing a fundraiser on her website, so if you'd like some Photoshop or other work done, check out what she's offering. While you're there, thank her for helping us keep to our update schedule, even in a time of personal crisis.

I would also like to take this time to thank the other eight volunteers we had for helping with the videos. Erfworld has the best fans in webcomics, and I will tank duel any creator who says otherwise.

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