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News Flash from Soapbox-Level Kickstarter Donor METROPLEXITY GAMES

Hello, nice to meet you! I'm Landon Winkler and I've temporarily taken over this News Feed as part of a powerful Moneymancy spell known as "Kickstarter."

I'm supposed to talk about whatever I'm passionate about and, if there's one thing I really care about, it's my games. When I'm not reading webcomics about games or trying to figure out what different caster links could do, I'm lead designer for Metroplexity Games.

If Metroplexity sounds familiar, it's probably because Rob was kind enough to plug us when we first met a few years ago. This is because Rob is awesome.

Metroplexity itself is a free browser-based RPG set in a dark future where something very strange is going on, hidden within a web of shadows and corporate lies. It's a complex game that offers a lot of choices and expects you to live with the consequences.

If you read Erfworld to piece together the puzzle and infer the rules, Metroplexity is probably up your alley. On the other hand, if you're here for the jokes and pop culture references, I'd point you towards our other game: Twilight Heroes.

Twilight Heroes is also free and browser-based, but that's where any similarity ends. It's a light superhero game, easier to drop into than Metroplexity and satirical in tone. It's also certified 100% vampire free.

Now, if you've been around the internet a few times, you've run into "free games" that... aren't, really. We do reward our donors, but never hassle anyone or restrict everyone's experience just so we have something to sell.

So, if either of those sounds cool, try them out. They won't consume your life or your pocketbook. If they don't, I return you to your regularly scheduled Erf.

Landon Winkler (aka Kinak)

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