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So, Proxy Army is launching their company (and their miniatures game) with an ambitious Kickstarter. Erfworld and a few other folks you might know (such as Schlock Mercenary) will be teaming up to help them meet their goals, because frankly what they are doing is inarguably awesome and needs to come true.

Proxy Army is a service for tabletop miniature gamers. They have their own miniatures system, but their real innovation is in letting you create fully customized minis and get them printed and mailed to you. You can use their online database of thousands of parts, build something out of their available torsos, weapons, equipment, etc. and design an entire army of fantasy warriors, sci-fi soldiers, beasts, vehicles, etc. Or you can work up your RPG character in beautiful detail.

As part of their project (and to show off just what they can do), they're offering a very limited edition set of Erfworld minis. There is a "Sidekicks Pack" with a Bogroll, a Vinny, and Jaclyn the Archon from Book 1. There is also a larger model of Stanley the Tool, rocking out into battle atop a red dwagon, in ultra-fine detail! These will be signed by me. They are limited donor reward levels, so if you want one, grab it fast.


Initial Design (non-color, just shape) for Vinny-Mini (click to embiggen)

We've been asked about Erfworld miniatures for years, with no good answer or plan to make it happen. But if Proxy Army succeeds with their project, we will see more Erfworld minis in the future, discounts for Erfworld readers when you're building your own armies, and lots more. I feel like this could be the start of something great for everybody concerned. If you'd like to see that happen, please show them your support.


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