New website is coming! Be prepared for weirdness and outages all week long.

Disruptions, etc.

There are only two epilogues left to run, but we've hit some major disruptions. Arthur has been traveling (to be a contestant on Jeopardy!) For me, a serious personal crisis came up this week. I don't really feel like sharing the details, but when you're talking to the police every day, it's serious. It is also (as of this writing) still going on.

So we will update as we can. But after the epilogues, there is not a lot else coming. We are not going to start the final part of Book 0 until Xin has finished all the bonus art for Book 2. We are also not going to start Book 3 until we've had the Kickstarter to fund drawing it (and printing Book 2). So after the epilogues have finished, we're going to be doing filler content for at least a month.

That filler content will consist of select examples of the new art Xin is doing for the Summer Updates 2009 (First Intermission), and the 4 "Who You Are In Erfworld" stories that I still owe our top tier backers from the Year of the Dwagon project.

The Kickstarter will determine what form Book 3 will take (i.e. how much art we can have drawn for it). Details on that to follow, as soon as we launch the project.

So that's what's happening. Thanks for being patient.

UPDATED: We think that we've gotten through the worst of our personal/family crisis at this point. It's been tough times, but we seem to be looking at a fairly positive, hopeful outcome.

I have everything I need to put together Epilogue 24 and I should have that up by tomorrow morning (Thursday, 11/20)

In other news, the limited edition Stanley/dwagon models from the Proxy Wars Kickstarter are all pledged for, but you can still grab one of the 100 Sidekicks Packs. Remember that successfully funding Proxy Army will lead to lots of Erfworld minis in the future, and maybe even a game.

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