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Important Notes About Store Deals

First, on the update: Epilogue 25 is kind of ambitious and experimental, and between that and the holiday it has been dragging in production. I expect to finish it and load it tonight (Monday, December 2).

In the meantime, the big news is that you CAN (sort of) get Book 2 in time for Christmas. We had the funds to print Issue 3 without needing to wait for the Kickstarter, so we went ahead and did. There will be NO softcover volume of Book 2 printed, so this will be the only way to get Book 2 in softcover.

But we've had a serious problem in production. Although we got the files to the printer in early October, the shipment of books from China has been delayed and we will not be receiving them until the 21st. This effectively destroyed all our plans for the holiday sale. In an effort to make amends, our printer is running off an additional 200 copies and air-shipping them to us at no expense.

This means that ONLY THE FIRST 200 DOMESTIC ORDERS that contain a copy of Issue 3 will get that copy shipped out in time for Christmas. All others will get their other items shipped now, and an IOU gift card saying that Issue 3 is on its way in January. This was not the plan. We thought we'd done everything necessary to avoid another printer disaster, but here we are again.

So please visit the Erfworld store and see the new t-shirt (design below, and a desktop sized version will go up in the Toolbox) and all our holiday deals. These deals will ONLY BE GOOD THROUGH DECEMBER 12th! Happy holidays from Erfworld!

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