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Retconjuration of Summer Update 28

In preparing Book 2 for press, I realized this was going to be my last chance to change anything before it truly had to be called canon. I had a self-debate for months about one of the Summer Updates, and decided (with the help of the #Erfworld IRC channel folks) to clarify an Erfworld rule, and keep that update (I will not say which one) as written.

But there was another one that I could not avoid. I made a mistake 5 years ago writing Summer Update 028. Someone called me out on it in the forums way back when, saying "This update annoyed me. Its chief result is this: I no longer think that the creators planned or even really remember the magic system they wrote about: Sizemore talks about Stuffamancers as if he's not one of them."

That comment bugged me a lot, because it was accurate. I had made a mistake without double checking it, thinking Stuffamancy was a class and not a discipline (and forgetting that Dirtamancy was a subclass of Stuffamancy).

I never forgot that mistake or that comment, and I've had it on my To Do list for over a month to rewrite this text so Arthur could read it and Xin could change the book layout. People who read the forums know that recently there was a big debate on exactly this update and this mistake, and I know some of you are going to think that's what prompted the Retcon. But it's really not. It just happened to come up in context of the Digdoug story.

Anyway, I wanted to admit the error and announce the edit, not least because this new version actually explains what Changemancy is. Other than a typo or two, I think this is the only thing we have to Retconjure for the printed book.

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