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Chart Broken, Brain Broken – io9 Plugs Erfworld and Steve Jackson PLEDGES $4500

As the Kickstarter to Print Book 2 and Draw Book 3 hits its final two days, we're into territory so unimaginable that I'm starting to have some Parsonesque questions like, "am I in a coma right now, or what?"

First of all, this actually happened:


And Steve Jackson had this to say about Erfworld at the Daily Illuminator. I want to thank SJ for being such a tremendous supporter of this comic and others, and supporting other nerdy creative types like our mutual friend Tom Smith, and just being an all-around gentleman role model for me.

So to recap, I get to write a novella about Steve Jackson's counterpart character in Erfworld, and we will almost certainly see that character turned into a Munchkin card. In short, IS THIS REAL LIFE OR SHOULD I TIP MYSELF OVER BACKWARD IN A CHAIR OR SOMETHING?

Icing on the cake, I did a Q&A interview with Casey Jones Casey Jones, the interviewer so nice they named him twice, which went up at io9 yesterday. I had a lot of fun meeting Casey and numerous wonderful readers and comics creators at AwesomeCon DC. (The only down side is that I contracted a nasty cold there, which is rapidly becoming bronchitis, and is the main reason I don't think I'm dreaming.) I really hope I get better in time to enjoy RavenCon this weekend.

And, of course, the Kickstarter is in its last hours now. Every $1000 raised will add an art-intensive page to Book 3, so when you contribute now, you are contributing for everybody. We've already added 25 new pages! THERE IS NO LIMIT. The more pages, the more of Erfworld we're going to depict in depth as the story progresses.

"Thank you" doesn't begin to cover what Erfworld fans have collectively achieved for us here, but thank you. I'll have more to say after the project is over.

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