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Final Goal Chart, and Some Post-Project Thoughts

Unfortunately, Kickstarter does not allow a closed project to be edited. So I'll have to post the final goal chart here. I thought going to $150K would be plenty, but you guise broke it again. You pledged more than $15,000 on the final day.


People in the IRC channel can tell you that at the start of this project I was:

1) just hoping to hit the $67,000 mark so we could do epilogue-style updates on Book 3, and
2) predicting as my best guess, "we'll die in the seventies somewhere."

A few optimists said we'd get as high as $105K and I disagreed. I did not think we'd see as many donors or as much money for this project as we did for Year of the Dwagon 2 years ago.

I want to tell you what this show of faith means to me, but I worry that I can't find adequate words. You have to understand that I don't think Erfworld is for me. I don't write it so I'll be able to say "I'm an author," and feel good about myself. It's not an expression of my innermost feelings. It's just the best story I am able to write, right now. I write Erfworld for whoever might enjoy reading it. Erfworld is for you. And only you can decide if it has any worth.

So when people show their support in such an overwhelmingly loud and clear way, it does more to validate what we've created than any award or recognition ever could. It means that the artists and I have pulled something into existence from our own hearts and our own minds, and of all the stories being told out there in all the many media, a whole lot of really nice people have said, "I love this one. I love Erfworld."

As we turn and go forward from here, and I set my mind to writing Book 3 with David and finishing Book 0 with Xin, it feels like we're headed into brighter creative territory than I've ever experienced before. We're floating now on your goodwill and faith and high expectations. I do have a very big and busy year ahead of me. I want Book 3 to be the best book in the series so far. I want Book 0 to explore and deepen these characters for you, so that they'll live in your head the way they do in mine. I want the backer stories to shine. I want to drop your jaws and blow your minds and make you laugh and maybe cry and maybe grip the edge of your desk as you read along. Not once in my life have I been facing so much work and wanted to do it so much.

In the year ahead, I will be working to fulfill our promises, and prove myself worthy of your overwhelming generosity. We needed this, both financially and spiritually, to move Erfworld ahead. I'm thanking you now in words. In the days and months ahead, Team Erfworld and I will thank you with hard work.

I know webcomics, and I wouldn't trade audiences with any webcomic in existence. You are absolutely the best group of readers there is. Thank you.

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