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  • Stack Bonus Comic

    By LTDave 29 days ago Comments (34) (Tipped by 2 people!)
      It's been a frustration to me for the last five years that I (and my forum gaming associates) cannot come up with a system to apply a stack bonus that actually motivates players to form stacks of 8 units that also aligns with the comic...
  • Tales from Erflia: Battle at Goanna City

    By LTDave 86 days ago (Tipped by 1 person!)
    “To pop this morning, and croak before you’ve even seen a turn begin. To never hear the Ferrr-Durrrp of freedom. Tough break.”
  • Erfgame Campaign Descriptions

    By LTDave 121 days ago
    We have some interesting Forum Games set in the Erfiverse, and I have written some narratives based around some key events from the last major series. Please follow the...