Dice Shaming: Post Yours!

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By Titan 32 days ago Comments (5)
Pet shaming has been a fad for a few years. When your pet has done something bad, you make them pose for a photo with a sign saying what they did.
Pet Shaming Example
Recently on Reddit, someone posted a gallery where gamers were shaming their dice, and it’s pretty funny. 
Dice Shaming Example
I figured this would be a good time to air your own probabilistic grievances, and shame your dice. So drag out your most treacherous die, the one you never use for important rolls anymore, and make it sit there and show us what it did wrong. Post your photos here. Best ones will receive Shmuckers.


  • LTDave 29 days ago


    Hey, this thing seems to be working now!



  • invaderrizz 28 days ago

    Only after I finished writing it did I realize it should be "dwagon", but this WAS DnD...

    Only after I finished writing this out did I realize that given the audience, I should have written "dwagonfear", but it was 3.5, so...

  • ahentze 23 days ago

  • Lerianis 22 days ago

    With all due respect, it is not the DICE to blame for these things (unless they are somehow improperly made, an accusation that was levied against Games Workshop's dice), it is chance simply being her usually b**chy self!

  • fudd 5 days ago

    According to Wolfram Alpha the chance of rolling 15 or less on 10 x 6-sided dice is 1 in 20,135! Suck.