Capture of a Quakken

Cap'n Fo'csle, Sir!

Pleased to report that we have captured, beached, and restrained an AnchorBar Quakken!

Awaiting your orders soonest as to what to do next, if you please, Sir - demn thing looks hungry!


Phil and Jen,
On manoeuvers near Tampax




(The backstory is that Jen and I were driving to Tampa airport, and I had been reading the latest chapter aloud to her as she drove.  Just as I finished, we came around a curve in the freeway and I saw this giant rubber ducky on the far side of the treeline.  I said "And there it is!  There's the Quakken!", but by then it had dipped behind some trees, and Jen couldn't see it.   After a moment, just its head was visible, so I told her to look left, and got an audible "Aaack" out of her - I think she expected to see a sticker on the side of a car, or somesuch, not a living, breathing Erfworld creature the size of a small whale...)

...and a link to the full-sized version:


NOTE: User received 25 Shmuckers for this post, and made me laugh. Post your quakken sightings below! Here are some from the Facebook group: