The Hunter - Part Nine

By Lymmothy (Tipped by 3 people!)

Nature croak me, he screamed at himself. A few Turns in a new world full of peace, and you suddenly became as dim-witted as a newly-popped chick.


In the open hex, he had nowhere to hide, really, and he could not leave until the combat was resolved. So, he looked for his assailants. He blinked.


A stack of six archers stood clumsily concealed behind some bushes, much too obvious to be actually hiding, and let loose a volley. Sa’nyang watched the arrows fly through the air incredulously, and took a step to the side, watching one of the shafts land where he had stood.


Nobody’s that dumb. What’s going on?


He saw the stack kneel. Or… hide? He supposed they might be hiding.


Sa’nyang scratched his head, then let an arrow fly. It croaked the farthest unit. They let another volley fly, and this time he did not need to dodge anything. He croaked another archer. One by one, one arrow each, until the stack was gone.


Before he could gather his thoughts, he was engaged again. This time, a stack of stabbers rushed at him. They were so slow, though. Were all units outside the woods so slow? He took out three stabbers before they got close, and Jindo engaged two when they neared.


Sa’nyang drew his knife and lunged toward the nearest stabber. It instantly croaked. The other two glanced at their companion, which was the opening he needed. He spun around and slashed at the second. Its eyes crossed over and it crumpled to the ground. The last one took a clumsy stab which Sa’nyang parried. He slid his knife up the spear shaft, a quick slice weakening the hand holding it, and then a stronger swing to croak.


And with that, combat ended.


Carefully, he made his way to where the croaked units were. The archers wore raiment similar to what Sicks except in a greyish-green with an emblem of a five-pointed star with a crossed sickle and hammer, all red. The stabbers wore a similar raiment of blue. Their emblem was an eagle, wings spread, on an inverted triangle.


Are these the Sides Sicks mentioned? Keejee and Seeya? Or was it Keeya and Seijee? Sa’nyang wondered as he cut out both emblems and pocketed them.


When he returned home, Sicks was waiting in the Portal room.

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