I recorded an instrumental cover of "Hey, Ho, Nobody Home."

Long-time reader, first-time poster, blah blah blah.


Since Rob was so nice as to include the music to "Hey, Ho, Nobody Home" in the latest comic, I whipped up a quick instrumental cover of the song. I hope that both Rob and y'all like it.


Lyrics: Rob Balder
Music: Pammelia. Mvsicks Miscellanie (1609) - from miriam berg's collection of rounds




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  • Vashiel

    I was singing this as more a dirge slow and raspy and made my own second verse


    Hey Ho, Nobody Home

    Death and Dusting

    I will never know

    When the Titans come to claim me

    Hey ho, Nobody home

  • Bzro

    If you're stull looking for singers or whatever, I have access to a choir that both tours the country and are  all massive nerds.

  • Blazer


  • Hopalong Ginsberg

    DDrako: When I made the song I had no idea that it was traditional, and thought that it was a composition of Rob's. I picked the tempo that I did because it sounded funereal, and thus appropriate to the scene.


    If you'd like to lead the project to make a vocal version, be my guest. Just tell me what tempo you want, how many verses, etc.


    Sir Ringwald: I can throw in another harmony line an octave up from the current highest line if that will help.


    Morsious: Everything was done with MIDI in iOS 10.x GarageBand.  The bass line (low D = D1) is two "clarinets" playing in unison, the next octave up is a "clarinet" and a "bassoon", and the octave above that is a "clarinet" and a "flute".


    Squeedge: Thanks; that's what I was after.


    Everyone who said "Thank you": You're very welcome.


    Everyone who wants to do a vocal version: DDrako seems to be coordinating, with my firm endorsement.

  • fey elija

    Very long time reader, long time member and I think I've never left a comment on here?! Anyway, wanted to thank you, because I didn't really get the song. After hearing your song I understood that it's the same melody I sang maaany times back in Primary School in Germany.

  • Hopalong Ginsberg

    fey elija: You're very welcome, and thanks for the video.

  • Linda Balder

    Hopalong - the way you played this song is exactly the way my friends and I used to sing it when I was a kid - a very long, long, time ago. embarassed


    I never understood these "up beat" versions when the lyrics are clearly death knell-ish despite the:

    "Still will I be very, very, merry" part.


    Your choice of instruments is perfect. It sounds beautiful. Thank you for posting it.

  • Linda Balder

    Fey Elija - that video is adorable! I wish I had known about this video when I was a preschool teacher. I would have really enjoyed using it to teach the kids this song in German and English. Music and singing was my favorite part of the day. wink

  • Hopalong Ginsberg

    Tool Me Twice: Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm glad you liked the song.

  • DunkelMentat

    I would love to sing this with yall. I don't have a huge range but I like to think I have a nice baritone going.

  • DDrako

    We are still looking for people to sing but we are progressing on the lyrics. We are recreating A Soalin Peter Paul and Mary, it is a slow process as a lot of people were busy for Easter. we are still missing women voices for this and also someone who is good at editing songs. if you want to join us message me and ill send you a link to our discord channel.

  • Kayriel

    The way this instrumental plays out, and the situation of the captives...


    Honestly it makes me think of Hoist the Colors from PotC. I'd like to hear this done in that style, vocals and all.