Cast To Me One Sordid Venge

A murderous prince, Vance, languishes in the sheltered palace grounds he is consigned to forever.
But tales like that cannot end so easily.


I. Against All Things Ending

When a meteor, left to die on winter, beckons,

’Come here, now (and fresh my wedding
with the ground): I 'VENGE FOREVER, round
n'... small, once when I'm severed: proud
But torn - from the womb - I'm fettered.’

'I do now "pop": and lance - dissever
HEX FROM HEX, I simmer, vexed.
In voxel-text, whispering, "Next..."
Kings croaked I've crowned n'dispel
Regality found in versus.’

’My form screams FEAR: 13 verses
I make a founding site: with 7 curses
I, Deus Rex sum FIRST:’ 


II. Deus Rex' Mantra


′Will you feed its ACHE?
Will you coagulate
For its ire, rite
It: writes icy
Your.. eyes
Are.. blind
It.. fights
Oh, see
III. Response

I recognize this to be the case,
However, kingship is my fate.
However, what you've written
May be counsel to my betters.

However, I cannot be left
To fend: for myself, it is
This way, the end, or with
A girl, or with a chef's knife

I am a second son in court
I have never known the sun
I have never been allowed
To run, for I am waiting for

Kingship is my deadly fate.
I heard some girl did give
A word, or even Godsword
To a boy, and then he flew.

The "King". Oh, if him I knew
I might have asked the question, why

He's Titans-blessed, I mourn
That I - still walk, to Deus Rex.

Fights? I cannot win again.

For I am the second son because
Ah - popping seventh wasn't fun.
And I never saw the sun again.

I held no advantage in that race.
My two specials did not rate.
And the Queen, I've feral bitten
For she gave me, too, to fetters.

Also, know you well, I'm reft
My mind torn by war n' winds
It feels as if a toxic sieve
And I've ever known my strife.

I stop now, talking, I am caught
Your presence turns me overrun
I lift my head; but am not proud
I know what I am waiting for.

Kingship is my deadly fate.
I heard you suffered not to live
A bird: or any Titanspawn
A toy: then you withdrew.

I sing to you. Of if I met you, dim
With heat, before the blood did cause


This rend-mind caress, I'm torn
Here, Deus Rex, you would be golden. 

And I'd admire you, though all the hate
Was in your gaze, I'm croaking here, I'd walk again
Your cooling skin, and gifts of strife and might are fine
A holy cause, unholy wars, teach gore to run (though we're G+)

They took my tongue, but you can hear me.
I know not my soul, but we still feel things.

and / LET / we / US / might / NOW / JUST / FIND / OUR / SOUL.


Peace by vengeance brings the end.
Not through love, but through revenge.


And with that, the palace gates crash down.




 "Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government!" - Monty Python