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Gencon Events! Website Coming Soon! Book 3 Debuts July 25!

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

We Have Our Gencon Events!

Okay, we finally know the whens and wheres for our two big Gencon events.

Erfworld Playing-Card Game Test

Thursday, Aug 14
7 pm - 9 pm
Hall B : White
Table Number: 8 - 17

Erfworld is an ongoing series of comics and illustrated stories about a fantasy universe that works like a tabletop strategy game. We've asked our readers to invent some of the games that people in Erfworld would play with a regular deck of playing cards. The best card games will be published in a rulebook, along with sets of Erfworld playing cards. Come out to test these games and help us decide the most fun and most playable ones! Bring regular decks of playing cards.

Erfworld Fan Gathering

Saturday, Aug 16
8 pm - 1 am
JW Marriott - Room 203

Come meet the creators of Erfworld, chat & play games, & ride Indy's famous Hippo Party Bus. Receive a commemorative metal pin! to Come meet the creators of Erfworld, chat & play games, & ride Indy's famous Hippo Party Bus. Receive a commemorative LED sports bottle! Free for Kickstarter supporters!

Website Coming Soon

The website team is working very hard to launch the site for testing in a couple of weeks. We intend to have the new site design up and running in time for page 1 of Book 3 to debut on Friday, July 25.

There will be a period of a week or more in July when the store will be shut down, and no new updates will go up. This will be necessary to test out the new site. Please bear with us.

For Toolbox members, there will be a change. Each of your Tool points will be converted to 10 "Shmuckers," the new site currency. This will still correspond to $1 of store credit, but you'll also be able to tip other users with Shmuckers when they have submitted or posted something you really like. More about that whole system later.

Book 3 Debuts Friday, July 25

Meanwhile, David and I have been working to make sure we launch with a significant buffer so that we can keep to our 2-page-a-week schedule for the entire run of the book. Pages will go up on Mondays and Fridays, with a backer story update on most Wednesdays. Seeing the Book 3 art shaping up is really exciting, and I can't wait for the story to resume. It's going to be a fast-paced book, covering a lot of ground.

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