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Summer Updates Redux – Charlescomm Wings – Team Erfworld’s Arthur Chu on Jeopardy!

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Summer Updates Redux

Summer updates from 2009 were done at a time when Jamie had departed and I did not know who would be drawing Erfworld. I was posting plain texts that covered some of the narrative ground between Book 1 and what I planned for Book 2, while talking to a foreign illustration studio (which never did work out). Without an artist, I opened the floor up to Erfworld fans to illustrate these short texts, and got a flood of over fifty volunteers. One of them turned out to be Xin Ye, who illustrated Summer Update #23:

Xin's first

Her obvious talent floored me, and I asked her if she'd like to become Erfworld's new artist. The rest is history.

Although I loved all the fan art we got, we wanted the art in the printed volumes to stay consistent. So Xin agreed to do new illustrations for all of the Summer Updates that Jamie did not illustrate (#22 through #49), and present this as bonus content for the printed volume. She has finished all of them, they're just beautiful, and I want to show off some of them during the Winter Break 2014 period. So today we'll start with the one Xin started off with, and go through the mini-arc of Parson's "peekneek" with Maggie and Sizemore. We're also adding a reading by Arthur Chu, captioned in a video update.

Arthur Chu on Jeopardy Airs January 28

Speaking of Arthur, make sure you tune in to Jeopardy! on January 28 to watch him as a contestant on the show! He can't say if he won or not, but I have my suspicions he did us all proud.

Arthur Chu and a guy whose mother had relations with Sean Connery

Charlescomm Wings

The Kickstarter for the battle emblem lapel pins is going strong! Thanks again to everyone who has pledged the project so far. Here's the next design we're releasing, the gold wings of Charlescomm (these will be gold metal in the pins):


New Faq Gwiffon

And since another day has gone by since posting this news item, here's the next design:


Jetstone Royal Radish

Another day, another crest design:


Stanley and Star Emblem

And another:


Hamstard (Rampant) Upon Shield, With Stains of Power

Penultimate design:


Wanda's Decrypted Skull and Flower

Final design:


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