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Balticon this weekend – Call for Erfworld card game rules!

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Hey everyone. Here's my schedule for Balticon 48 this weekend. Hope to see you there:

Saturday - NOON - Chesapeake - "Breaking the Mold - Branching Out to Other Media"
Saturday - 2 PM - Derby - "Helping Authors Find and Work Effectively With Narrators"
Sunday - 4 PM - Parlor 1026 - "Who did what to whom, where, when, and why?"
Monday - 8 AM - Salon C - "The Short Fiction Market"
Monday - 9 AM - Parlor 1041 - "Crowd Sourcing"

YOUR Erfworld Card Games to be Tested at GenCon

We're planning a second Erfworld event for GenCon Indy: testing Erfworld card games created by you!

This is not "an Erfworld card game" we're talking about (that's probably years away, if we ever do one). But we'd like to see if we could create some more unique games that are played in Erfworld with one or more ordinary decks of cards.

You might remember 5-Stack Air War from "Inner Peace" or Dove's as-yet-unnamed Carnymancy card game from "Digdoug." Those were games I created as part of the narrative to show the kinds of card games Erfworlders themselves might invent. We'd like to collect a set of games like that, and maybe create a rulebook and a set of Erfworld playing cards to go with them.

So start thinking and playtesting, then post your set of rules to this thread in the forums. The most promising sets of rules will be tested by interested fans at GenCon in August. If we do eventually do the card set and rulebook and we publish your game, you will receive a byline and bio in the rulebook, copies of the card sets, and other Erfly rewards.

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