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Summer Updates – 048

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Turns since TBfGK: 54

CharlsNChrg: People are talking.
LordHamster: Are they?
CharlsNChrg: They are talking about talking. About the talking you're doing.
LordHamster: Me? I'm not talking to anybody.
LordHamster: I'm not even sure we're talking right now.
LordHamster: What are you talking about?
CharlsNChrg: I'm talking about the talking your Prince Ansom has been doing.
LordHamster: Um, it's just "Ansom" now. He's pretty touchy about that.
CharlsNChrg: Yes...
CharlsNChrg: Anyway he's been talking. As in, not fighting. That's very interesting.
LordHamster: You know what's interesting? Twolls can make parchment.
LordHamster: And if you tell them to make it really, really thin, you have a pretty decent Kleenex.
CharlsNChrg: If I understand correctly, you haven't taken a city in more than ten turns.
LordHamster: Not to mention toilet paper. I'm so HAPPY! XD
LordHamster: Yeah we haven't lost one, either.
CharlsNChrg: What I am saying is, your Chief Warlord Ansom has ceased to conquer, and has been looking for allies.
CharlsNChrg: It seems he is trying to drive a wedge in the Coalition.
LordHamster: That would be smart, but no.
CharlsNChrg: No?
LordHamster: I mean yeah we're up against the diminishing Shmuckers point, so it's a good time to pause and do diplomacy. But Ansom's not about that.
LordHamster: He's trying to convert the entire Coalition to ...Toolism or whatever you'd call it.
CharlsNChrg: Ah. I see.
CharlsNChrg: Even after Unaroyal?
LordHamster: Yup.
LordHamster: Can't let something like that stop the Good News, brother!
LordHamster: You should be happy, though. Right? You're a Tool.
CharlsNChrg: I'm nobody's tool, Parson.
LordHamster: Oh? Not even the Titans?
CharlsNChrg: ...
CharlsNChrg: We'll see.
LordHamster: So you really don't buy into this big idea that attuning is a "new Titanic mandate?" Even though you're attuned.
LordHamster: That is interesting, Charlie. Almost more interesting than toilet paper.
LordHamster: Though my ass would disagree.
LordHamster: Stanley and Wanda seem to have this feeling that they're doing the Titans' will. But you don't think you are?
CharlsNChrg: It's possible. I suppose.
CharlsNChrg: But it seems at least as likely that they are choosing their own meaning. Writing their own narrative.
CharlsNChrg: It seems entirely plausible to me that attunement to an Arkentool has nothing at all to do with the will of the Titans.
CharlsNChrg: It is a dubious claim, in my view. And it is falsifiable.
LordHamster: Really? How?
CharlsNChrg: Simple. Croak a "Tool."
CharlsNChrg: If an attuned wielder of an Arkentool were to croak, it would seem to be pretty compelling evidence that the Titans were not on their side. Don't you think?
CharlsNChrg: Perhaps it's an experiment that ought to be carried out.
LordHamster: Oh, Charlie...
LordHamster: I know business sucks, but that's no reason to start talking about suicide.
CharlsNChrg: ...
CharlsNChrg: Parson, is it actually your goal to make me hate you more every time we chat?
LordHamster: Me? I'm just talking.

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