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    Book 3 Updates to Return on Friday, February 27!

    By balder 9 days ago Comments (20)
    Hey, this news is pretty late in coming, but I hate making promises before I'm pretty sure we can come through. The regular schedule of Book 3 updates (Mondays and Fridays) will resume this Friday, February 27th.   David's move has simply...
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    Duke Forecastle - Part 25

    By balder 14 days ago
    Gun whales, said Hashtag’s Guide, were enormous gap-mouthed beasts that looked like very big fish with half of a ship’s mast strapped to their spines. They were blue, black, or gray, or sometimes white. They were not quite fish, as they...
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    Duke Forecastle - Part 24

    By balder 23 days ago
    “I wanted to go down to the hold, to watch through the porthole and direct the quakkens,” said Fawksull, “but I wasn’t certain I’d even be able to tell which ones were ‘ours.’ And anyway, the battle above...
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    Duke Forecastle - Part 23

    By balder 26 days ago
    “The Anchormen saw the bird fly out from our sails, right toward them, and they did not fire at us again,” said Fawksull. He cocked his head, feeling bemused. “I sometimes wonder if it might have been as simple as that....
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    Duke Forecastle - Part 22

    By balder 30 days ago
    Admiral Harping’s cadre of trusted officers had gathered themselves in the kitchen, of all places. Fawksull found them lurking in the near darkness, seated upon butcher’s blocks and barrels of dried plums. The Governor led them instead...
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    Duke Forecastle - Part 21

    By balder 37 days ago
      Epilogue - Colony of Eagle Keys - 1621 Turns Since the Battle of the Storm Hex   Eagle’s Gift mostly sat high over the water, atop an imposing peninsula of white cliffs and tumbled rock. The city harbor formed a long finger of...
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    Duke Forecastle - Part 20

    By balder 41 days ago
    He felt the wounds to his ship before he was aware of his own physical circumstances. Forecastle could sense that the remainder of the foremast was gone now, as were significant portions of the main. The rudder and tiller were smashed and useless....
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    Duke Forecastle - Part 19

    By balder 44 days ago
    Carrack did not, in fact, have a deck of cards handy. But he produced three bone-colored dice from a suede coin purse in the pocket of his frock coat. Forecastle took the dice from his first mate’s hand and dropped down to his knees on the...