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    Duke Forecastle - Part 21

    By balder 4 days ago
      Epilogue I - Colony of Eagle Keys - 1621 Turns Since the Battle of the Storm Hex   Eagle’s Gift mostly sat high over the water, atop an imposing peninsula of white cliffs and tumbled rock. The city harbor formed a long finger of...
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    Duke Forecastle - Part 20

    By balder 8 days ago
    He felt the wounds to his ship before he was aware of his own physical circumstances. Forecastle could sense that the remainder of the foremast was gone now, as were significant portions of the main. The rudder and tiller were smashed and useless....
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    Duke Forecastle - Part 19

    By balder 12 days ago
    Carrack did not, in fact, have a deck of cards handy. But he produced three bone-colored dice from a suede coin purse in the pocket of his frock coat. Forecastle took the dice from his first mate’s hand and dropped down to his knees on the...
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    Duke Forecastle - Part 18

    By balder 18 days ago
    Double Eagle ran with the wind, the Anchorbar line in hot pursuit behind her. The frigate was faster than the fleet, but she had only minutes before the hex border would halt her progress. At that point, the ship would be pinned in and...
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    Holiday Break, Part 2 (David is moving)

    By balder 36 days ago Comments (19)
    As I mentioned earlier, we're going to take a bit of a slowdown on updates for a while. Christmas involved travel for everyone on Team Erfworld, and Linda and I will be doing a retreat with some friends over the New Year's holiday. Meanwhile, David...
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    Book 3 - Page 43

    By balder 40 days ago
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    Duke Forecastle - Part 17

    By balder 43 days ago
    “A trick’s a fine thing, and turnabout is fair play,” said Captain Forecastle through the little window in the brig door. “We tamed an eagle, but you tamed a quakken. That’s what you meant on the quarterdeck.” He...
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    Appeal for Codename: Morningstar

    By balder 46 days ago Comments (20)
    Here's the thing about Codename: Morningstar. They're a third of the way through their project but they're still not yet 10% funded. Something like this is going to exist, and it's going to change how everyone plays tabletop RPGs. That'll happen...
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    Book 3 - Page 42

    By balder 47 days ago
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    Book 3 - Page 41

    By balder 50 days ago