Jillian can get an additional lead(s) on Wanda

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Jillian can get an additional lead(s) on Wanda

Postby Swodaems » Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:52 pm

Currently the biggest problem with Jillian's current plan of action, (Return to Faq on an indirect route, leaving bloody carnage in her wake along the way, ending this turn in Brookstone,) is that she now has a large force of Decrypted dwagons behind her who can put up pursuit on the next turn.

Under normal circumstances, this pretty much means the capture/death of Jillian, for a variety of reasons. Anyone with a descent map of the area and the ability to semi accurately guess what her force's move is will be able to tell where she is spending the night once she hits Brooktone. From what we've seen, Dwagons usually have alot more move than Gwiffons. Jillian's route to her destination included a detour thru progrock, which means her path was probably not optimal for placing distance between her and Spacerock. Jillian's forces are going to be wounded from fighting the forces that were stationed in Progrock and Brookstone, but fighting fresh dragons.

Unfortunately, these are not normal circumstances. There are 2 ways I can think of that will show us Jillian getting an extra turn in which she can run away from Wanda with her tail between her legs.

In normal circumstances, Gobwin's knob natural turn comes before the RCC's meaning that they should start their next at dawn tomorrow with fresh stats. (Provided no other factor's interfer with turn order, of course.) Sadly, there exists the possibility that Kingworld may have permanently changed Gobwin Knob's natural turn instead of simply ending it. They could get a turn later today, but there is no guarantee that their move will be reset for the turn and their wounds healed. They may have to choose not to pursue Jillian, either because the dwagons simply can't make it to her location or are too wounded to fight.

If GK's turn still comes before Rcc's, then Jillian can also get an extra turn on her persuers by abusing the alliance turn order system. We've already seen one example of such an abuse here. Jillian can break alliance with Jetstone and realliance with Transylvito for a turn's head room. In fact, if Faq's natural turn occurs before Gobwin knob's, this effect may occur naturally if Jetstone falls.
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Re: Jillian can get an additional lead(s) on Wanda

Postby The.Healing.Mage » Mon Jun 06, 2011 10:35 pm

Wanda has bigger things on her mind. Like the whole booping world crashing down at Spacerock. And she loves Jillian at least as much as Jillian loves her. Wanda has saved Jillian's life twice, three times if you count the parley right before Kingworld. She's not about to go chasing Jillian down, despite Parson making it an important (but not quite as urgent as Spacerock) concern.

Plus, this battle will change everything. Who knows if Wanda will even have a dragon fleet at the start of her next turn? And Stanley is hopping mad at both Wanda and PGLH, so if he orders them to do something else (like attack Trammenis as he and Stately flee to their old cap site or attack Transylvito or others from the RCCII). He might also give them the "stay at home" treatment that they gave him, just cause he's angry.
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Re: Jillian can get an additional lead(s) on Wanda

Postby badninja » Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:07 pm

Nah, I see Jillian meeting another force, either TV forces led by Ceaser who has staged his coup or forces loyal to Charlie who is pissed that Jillian cut and ran at Spacerock. either way I think she is soon to be in trouble and Wanda and/or Parson is going to bail her out of trouble.

Parson and Stanley have expressed discomfort with a majority of their forces being decrypted. If I where either of them turning some high level warlords is in order. I think Jillian would change her mind about Stanley if she knew the truth. Wanda's secret sooner rather then later will come out and Jillian will not be happy about it when it does.
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Re: Jillian can get an additional lead(s) on Wanda

Postby Occasional Sage » Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:56 pm

badninja wrote:Nah, I see Jillian meeting another force, either TV forces led by Ceaser *snip*

I still can't help but read this as "transvestite". Now I need to go watch some Eddie Izzard, and hope that at some point Rob cameos Don King's latest warfare innovation, the surprise attacks of the 1st Battalion Transylvito Brigade, Airborne Wing.
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