Cheap 'scouts'?

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Cheap 'scouts'?

Postby valce » Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:51 pm

How many of your units have to be in a zone before enemies are considered to be in your battle zone?

If putting a marbit or something in every hex counts, you might have a cheap way to guesstimate where enemy forces are (based on when your turn starts, since I assume your turn starts at the same time for all your units). If your turn starts/ends at a different time, then you can check likely hexes on your current/next turn and maybe get a jump start on your enemy's forces that way.

Also, if it's cheaper to get notification of unit death, you could just leave a single weak unit in the middle of a hex and see when/if it gets croaked :D

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Re: Cheap 'scouts'?

Postby vdragan » Thu Jul 30, 2009 2:10 am

All this if you don't have a Lookamancer, that is.

Also, remember, some units seem to be able to "see" over multiple hexes. See Parson's Klog about the top of the RCC column being "visible from the top of the tower of Efdup". Are there tall outposts near borders of sides? Who knows.

At any rate, there has to be some other effect to entering battlespace with another side other than your turn showing up later in the day. I mean, the overlord should get a notification that something's up, or something. Kinda like the "Your forces are under attack" warning of RTS games? I dunno. Otherwise the whole concept of battlespace seems weird to me.

And if there is no specific notification, you just get a general "One of your marbit hexes has become pretty close to an non-allied side"-warning, based on turn order. I mean they could just be taking a barbarian princess to see their king for all you know. *grin*
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Re: Cheap 'scouts'?

Postby moose o death » Thu Jul 30, 2009 2:12 am

i mention in your other thread my rebuttal to this but unled stacks may not be controllable to that extent. and even if they were they would probably die instantly giving no additional benefit. my video game art. in easy to read blog form. swing on by. laugh at my spelling.
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