Glossary: Help write the Erfworld book

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Glossary: Help write the Erfworld book

Postby Erk » Mon Sep 28, 2009 11:58 am

Want to get your writing in the Erfworld print book?

There's a relatively new and undeveloped wiki page called the glossary, and it has the potential to be a useful new resource for incoming erfworlders as well as a potential jumpoff point for people wanting to explore the wiki. I'd like to invite folks to define erfworld-specific vocabulary in brief (one line if you can!), simple (if it's a point that can be debated, leave it out!) terms, and link to the full article for those wanting more information. Rob's told me that this may become part of the printed Erfworld book, so get your word in while the getting's good ;)

Any erfworld term you can think of is game, but focus on terms that must be understood to understand the (erf)world of the first book: Schmucker, caster, move, etc.

Cheers all!
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